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News Update

Food bank voucher scheme

We at AMP Group Practice are proud to spearhead this one of this kind scheme in Yorkshire by issuing food vouchers.

If you need help, please contact the GP practice after 11am and Sam Leonard (Healthcare assistant) will provide vouchers if eligible under the proactive/vulnerable scheme.

James Batty Prize

The future of our NHS lies in the hands of our younger generation, and the practice is keen to involve our local comprehensive schools in developing healthcare leaders. The James Batty Prize (awarded in memory of the late James Batty who was the patient lead for our patient participation group) is awarded each year to a young future NHS leader. Please keep an eye out in this space for more details.

In House Skin and ‘Lumps’ clinic

This is one of a kind and exclusive to our patients. We have seen over 1500 patients over the last 18 months in our in-house dermatology skin clinic. We have received extremely positive feedback from patients who would normally have to wait up to 9 months to be seen at the hospital. Many skin, breast and testicular and other cancers have been picked up early in this clinic.

Please ring the surgery to book an appointment into this clinic if you have any concerns with lumps, bumps or moles.

The practice supports Dermatoscopy training nationally and has its own in-house surgeon to deal with the above consultations.

Weight management Clinic – From 1/4/2023

We have formally restarted our weight management clinic for patients wanting help with losing weight. Losing weight has been linked to reducing the risks of cancer, stroke, and heart disease as well as many other conditions.

Input your weight and height below to see if you’re eligible:

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If your BMI is higher than 30, then please contact the practice for an appointment with our healthcare assistants.

Increased appointments

We provide now, just under 30,000 additional appointments per year in our group practice when compared to pre-COVID.

Appointments start at 07:30am and finish at 20:00 across the weekdays and up to 13:00 on all Saturdays and up to 16:00 on certain Saturdays.

Please make good use of these appointments as we have a wide variety of healthcare professionals.

We believe we offer most people a suitable time to be seen, given the variable working hours of our patients. We have been quoted in the press as being within the top 20% of practices nationally providing face to face appointments during the pandemic and current. We also offer video, telephone, and online consultations.